Ms. Blake-Greenaway is a savvy investigator who knows what real issues look like and how to get the facts on them. Her credentials, her long experience as an employment lawyer and her interviewing, analytical and writing skills are the reason my firm keeps coming back to her as the preferred choice for the sensitive workplace investigation.
New York Partner, Global Law Firm

I would highly recommend the HR consulting services of Veronica Blake- Greenaway. With minimal disruption to our day to day operations, Ronnie was able to deliver, on time and within budget, a comprehensive investigative report. In addition to bringing her HR, legal and process knowledge to the assignment, she brought exceptional business acumen. She was always professional, collaborative and genuinely concerned for all parties involved. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Director of H.R., Biotechnology Company, Pennsylvania

We are a national business. In several important situations, Ms. Greenaway’s professional services have assisted the Company in determining what the underlying facts were. Her work is uniformly timely, professional, and practical. She should be a prominent candidate for those employers in need of an independent assessment of effective solutions to specific or general employee relations issues and disputes.
Senior Counsel for National Wholesale Baked Goods
Distributor, Midwest

We retained Ronnie to investigate an internal complaint of discrimination and other misconduct by a senior executive of one of our pharmaceutical clients. Everyone involved in the investigation, from the complainant to the Board, which reviewed her findings, was impressed by Ronnie's expertise, thoroughness and professionalism. Her involvement gave the investigative process the credibility that was so critical given that one of the top officers of the company had been accused of wrongdoing.
Partner, New Jersey Firm

Ms. Blake-Greenaway handled a highly sensitive investigation for us. She was able to get acclimated very quickly and handled herself with the utmost professionalism and discretion throughout the process. The summary report that she issued at the conclusion of the investigation was thorough, well-written and supported her conclusions. I could not have been more pleased with the work she performed.
V.P. Human Resources for Leading Telecommunications and Entertainment Company


As the manager for a large, nationwide, A.D.R. program, I am exposed to numerous mediators on a weekly basis. Ms. Greenaway heads our list because of her willingness to get involved in the heart of the dispute and bring even the most adversarial parties together for a mutually agreeable resolution. Ms. Greenway’s ability to get to the heart of the matter while extending the passion and courtesy often needed during emotional confrontations is one of the reasons we keep coming back to her. Her unique ability to grasp the most complex issues and bring the parties together quickly and amicably is the other. If a quick, amicable and cost effective resolution is the desired outcome, Ms. Greenaway is the mediator to keep in mind. Ms. Greenaway’s professional demeanor, compassion and her willingness to go the extra mile help create an atmosphere of trust and understanding - two key elements in reaching a resolution.
Manager, Nationwide ADR Program for Fortune 50 Company

Ms. Blake-Greenaway conducted our mediation in a federal trade secret case deftly, with just the right balance of sensitivity and forcefulness. She was well-prepared and got right to the key issues, analyzing them candidly but without abrasiveness. She impressed both counsel and the clients with her even-handed professionalism.
Partner, New Jersey Law Firm

Our firm has utilized the services of Ms. Veronica Greenaway in complex federal litigation. The matters were hotly contested, and oftentimes the issues were quite esoteric.

She has an innate knack for expeditiously getting directly to the heart of the matter. Further, she has an uncanny ability to facilitate settlement, no matter how far apart the litigants are.

Last, she treats both attorney and litigants with utmost respect. Our firm has found her efforts invaluable toward settlement, and would strongly and without reservation unequivocally recommend her services to any litigation law firm.
Partner, New Jersey Law Firm

Veronica was an important factor in settling a commercial matter that had strong personalities on each side. She attended the mediation well beyond prepared, knowing the law and, more importantly, the facts underlying the case. Her background in the law and business helped achieve a meeting of the minds between the parties and a settlement. Many thanks for her hard work from both a grateful lawyer and a happy client.
New Jersey Partner, Global Law Firm